Current Members

Ph.D. students

  • Jindong Han, master from BUPT.
  • Lu Dai, undergraduate from USTC.
  • Weijia Zhang, master from USTC.
  • Wenzhao Jiang, undergraduate from USTC.
  • Zhuoning Guo, undergraduate from HIT.
  • Tengfei Lyu, master from CSU.
  • Shuowei Cai, M.Phil. from HKUST.
  • Siqi Lai, undergraduate from WHU.
  • Hang Ni, undergraduate from NWPU.

M.Phil. students

  • Fan Liu, undergraduate from UESTC.
  • Wenshuo Chao, undergraduate from HKUST.
  • Ziyang Wu, undergraduate from CityU.

Past members

  • Qingyan Zhu, M.Phil. 2022, first employment: NIO Inc.

  • Xiaolong Jin, Intern, Undergraduate at USTC -> Ph.D. student at Purdue University.
  • Weilin Li, Intern, MSC at CityU -> Ph.D. student at HKUST(GZ).

  • Can Chen, Intern, Undergraduate at USTC -> Ph.D. student at McGill University.
  • Wei Fan, Intern, Ph.D. student at UCF.
  • Qingyu Guo, Intern, Ph.D. student at HKUST.
  • Ding Zhou, Intern, Master at USTC -> Alibaba Group.
  • Carter Blum, Intern, Master student at University of Minnesota -> Bloomberg.
  • Qiyu Wu, Intern, Master studet at PKU.
  • Ying Xu Intern, Ph.D. student at NUDT.
  • Pengfei Wang, Intern, Ph.D. student at CAS, now associate researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Zixuan Yuan, Intern, Ph.D student at Rutgers University, now assistant professor at HKUST(GZ).
  • Ting Li, Intern, Master student at NUDT -> JD Digits.